Dr Glenn Bilsborrow is a clinical psychologist working in both private practice and in the public sector in Burnie, the northwest of Tasmania. His treatment approach is to help people address their concerns in a compassionate, solution-focussed way. He uses a variety of evidenced based treatments such as mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy, as a means of providing help with long-standing issues, life transitions, or even career advice. He has considerable expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of Asperger's Syndrome and can help with problems associated with this condition.
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Mindfulness integrated CBT
Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or MiCBT is a sophisticated integration of skills developed with mindfulness training and principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches take the view that attempting to change the content of incapacitating thoughts is less productive in the long term than learning to develop control over the processes that maintain them.
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Located at:
33 Falmouth Street Somerset TASMANIA 7322

PHONE: (03) 6435 1421
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