The cost of an individual consult is $125.

There are several options available to pay this fee:

1. Bulk bill under Medicare
The most common way that people pay for their sessions is through medicare. This practice bulk bills which means there is no gap fee. Under this option, you will need to see your GP for a referral which they can provide using a Better Access to Mental Health plan. This plan provides a maximum of 10 visits per calendar year.

2. Private Health Insurance
Many private health plans provide for a certain number of visits to a psychologist. Depending on the plan and the fund, a certain amount of the total fee will be paid. The balance, or ‘gap’ is then paid by you.

3. Worker’s compensation
You and your GP may have decided that you cannot work and you are claiming medical costs from your employer’s insurance (worker’s compensation). If the fund has agreed to pay for sessions, then this can also be a source of funding your visit.

4. Veterans Affairs
VA provides for a set fee to be paid to the psychologist for seeing you if you come under this arrangement.

5. Pay the full fee yourself
Sometimes, for many reasons which include privacy, people may decide to pay the full fee themselves. Sometimes a person would like to continue to see their psychologist after the 10 sessions that Medicare provides. If this eventuates, a negotiated lesser fee may apply.

Other fees
The main area of other work is reports. Depending of the type of report, the fee may be based on the time taken to complete it. However, standard reports have standard fees.

Examples of reports are:

Cognitive Assessment
Personality Assessment
Aspergers Syndrome assessment and diagnosis

For more detail regarding costs of reports and assessments click here: Assessment Fees