Assessment Fees

Standard Cognitive Assessment
A standard cognitive assessment costs $550, which includes a report that covers basic intelligence quotient and general cognitive abilities. Under some circumstances, this may be reduced for a cut-down version that might be undertaken to provide a summary report such as in the case of an application for a Disability Support Pension. Centrelink will accept brief reports that cover basic IQ for the purposes of assessing eligibility for DSP. In some cases, a DSP will be granted on this score alone, and in others there need to be further objectively assessed problems.

Neurocognitive Assessment
Cognitive assessments that cover a deeper and broader assessment of cognitive functioning, can be undertaken. For example, a more comprehensive assessment can be useful where a change in functioning has occurred such as in the case of an aquired brain injury or where changes in memory or intellectual functioning have been noticed. The standard fee for preparing such an assessment is $770, which includes a report covering the assessment question(s). However, fees can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Personality Assessments
Assessing Asperger’s Syndrome is a service that can be provided. Often this can be done within sessions and no further fees apply. In some cases, a report may be needed and this can be provided at a fee based on length of time taken to prepare the report. This service does not provide forensic reports or reports for court cases that someone might be involved with. Personality assessments can also be provided and this can be discussed. The cost will depend on whether a report is required.